Photography Rut? Let Andrew Sanderson Help!

As you know, I have been doing Project 365 for about two weeks now.  I will be honest, there have been a few days when I haven’t taken a photo but I double up the next day!


It is challenging to find different things to photograph but maybe I am just not looking at the things around me correctly.  Maybe I need to change my perspective.  Get lower, get higher, be on the same level….The options are endless.


One book that I read a few years back about photography that still sticks with me is Home Photography  by Andrew Sanderson.  If you are interested in photography or are just looking for new ideas, I suggest you read it.  It covers many different areas to photograph and gives you a new perspective on what magic you can make with ordinary things.


Here is an excerpt from Chapter 13 Making Pictures Happen


“Have you considered that you could be a little more in control and instead of waiting for pictures to make themselves known to you, you could make pictures from your current surroundings?  Look around the room that you are in at the moment: can you see anything that has been around for a long time and hasn’t really been looked at?  What is the most banal thing in the room?  The more ordinary the subject, the more likely that you have stopped looking at it, looking properly that is – really seeing what is there.”

P. 102 from Home Phography by Andrew Sanderson


Yes, I know!  Pretty powerful, huh?  Are you already looking around the room you’re in seeing stuff you’ve seen every day but seeing it differently?


If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can find it on Amazon for as little as $.50!  Here is the link:


If you have any ideas that have helped you overcome the “photography rut” we sometimes get in, let me know!  I’d love to get some fresh ideas and perspectives!