Raleigh NC, Wilson NC Family Photographer | 2016 Holiday Photo Sessions

Raleigh NC, Wilson NC Family Photographer | 2016 Holiday Photo Sessions

     The Monday after hurricane Matthew I sat at home, listening to the news and reading the Facebook posts about the damage it had done to eastern NC.  I don’t know if anyone (I know I didn’t) expected it to be as bad as it turned out to be here in North Carolina.  As more and more of the devastation was revealed to me, and I heard that close friends might lose their homes, and some family already did, I knew that I wanted to help them in some way.


    Just this morning as I was driving to work I was listening to WRNS (95.1) and they were telling that displaced victims are just now able to go back into their homes, but there is NOTHING left.  They’ve lost everything.  Even the photographs of their families, one of the items that, to me, helps ground me and let me know and remember where I’m from and who I’m from.  The loss has to be unimaginable.


      Since I had just announced my holiday photo sessions a few weeks ago, I decided that giving back from those sessions would be how I would choose to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew.


       Your memories are precious & your families are precious but everything can be taken away so suddenly, even photographs.  Even though that’s true, we have to keep documenting life and our love for one another.  Because it isn’t just the photographs that remind us of what we have in each other, it’s the memories we make as the photos are being taken.


      If you’re in the Triangle area or Eastern NC area and want to have holiday photos taken and also help victims of the hurricane, please consider me for your photographer.


 2016 holiday session’s are from Saturday, October 22nd-Saturday, November 19th & will include:

*A 45 minute photo session

*(25) holiday photo cards with envelopes

*(1) 8×10 photo print

*$10 product/print credit on any other items purchased

Your investment would be $115, with 10% of that going to aid victims of Hurricane Matthew.



     Spaces are limited so if you want photos, please contact me today to reserve your spot.