Press On – Pricing Doubts? Don’t Backdown – Wilson NC Photographer, Eastern NC Photographer

     As everyone knows, I revamped my photography pricing and began to offer more products, effective October 1st.  There were numerous reasons for that change, and one, though it may seem counter-productive, was so that I could offer more value to my clients.  However, just because I know the reasons behind these changes does not lessen the doubts that fill my mind every time someone comes up, says “how much do you charge?” and when I tell them, they say nothing or just politely change the conversation and leave.  For those people, I want to scream, “Come back, come back, I’ll give you such and such for this amount, just please let me photograph you!” 

    This isnt because I’m a greedy entrepeuner (although money is nice to have) but mainly because I really DO want to take their picture!  I want to create special images of them and their families so that they can look back and recognize an extraordinary moment that they may have forgotten.

    So, although I have the tendancy to want to back down from my investment changes and give a freebie here or there, or let a client have something at a former rate, I can’t do it.  Because in the end, it would be detrimental to my clients! 

     Every item I offer, as well as session hours are products and time that are valuable both to me and my clients.  I want to use our session as more than just a time for me to snap images and leave.  I want to build a long-lasting relationship with others because really, what is life without relationships?

     If you’re just starting out or have just added to the investment your clients receive and feel like you need to back-down from your choices, I encourage you not to!  Trust me, someone will walk up and won’t walk away!  It may take some time but it will happen.

     If you have any thoughts, comments, concerns or relatable stories along this line, I would love to hear them. 

    Have a great Friday,