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  I’m pretty sure that I have posted before about canvases on here but recently I ordered some for myself (from my trip to Italy in April 2012) and they just came in over the weekend.  I cannot tell you how happy & excited I was when I opened the first box and pulled out a stunning 11 x 14 canvas.  This is what I saw:


























(Sorry about the photo quality, I took it with my Iphone)



But seriously, how beautiful is that canvas?


Anyway, pulling it out of the box & hanging it on my wall reminded me of why I love canvases so very much.


Here are my top three reasons!!


1 ~ Canvases are timeless.   Yes, I know that if you have a print you can get a nice frame but what happens if the frame goes out of style?  You have to purchase a new one or risk the print being damaged by the elements (or sticky fingers).  What are paintings painted on?  Not photo paper but…Yes, you guessed it, Canvas!!  Even if a painting has a definite modern vibe it will never truly go out of style because of the medium its printed on.


2 ~ Canvases are easy to hang.  I opened the box, pulled out the canvas, took it to the wall and hung it up, all in a matter of a minute.  That was super fast and super easy.  No more wondering if the printed photo would slide down in the frame or if I was going to damage the print while installing it in the frame. . .You get the picture (pun intended).



3 ~ Canvases look great in any enviroment.  While I might shy away from placing a framed photo in a certain place (think very sleek, modern home or office building), I have no qualms about putting a canvas in that same spot.  Whether you want some art for an office space or a warm, special memory to hang on the wall of your living room, canvases are versatile and fit the bill!



  Whew!  So after saying all that you’re probably thinking, “wow, Sara really dislikes frames and framing pictures!” but that isn’t true.  I just feel like canvases are kinda like the hidden gem of the printed image world.  Frames are amazing and totally have their uses and their place.  Hey, one whole wall of my bedroom is filled with framed photos.  Not one canvas lived on my walls until last weekend.   


So what do you think?  Do you have any canvases in your home or office & if so what do you like and/or don’t like about them?  I want to know!!